Flemish porter


Flemish Porter. Alc. 8,5% Vol.

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Haskap, Hops, Hong Cha, Yeast.

Bottled 14.03.23
Best by 14.03.28

This is our Flemish Porter. It was brewed with an addition of Yunnan Black Tea and then fermented with fresh honeysuckle berries. Afterwards it was aged on ex-Flanders Red barrels for 4 years. While keeping its body and fruity character, it gained a bold acetic bite that will twist some taste buds, only to give way to a complex and malty finish. A warming yet fruity beer that can be enjoyed slowly and especially well next to a heavy meal such as our local Bauernfrühstück.

Flemish porter on Spanish Rioja red wine barrels previously used for Flemish red
flemish porter - losthorizonfarm