We bought the farm about two years ago.
Since it had been a lost place for the last 20 years we had to do some substantial rebuilding.

We got far on our own funds, but now we need to reach out to our community to help us making the last steps.

The brewery is there, the distillery is there. What we need is funding for the installation and for the water management of our brewery and distillery. We are planning to get our own well to provide us with water.

Also we plan our own waste water treatment facility, a constructed waterland, to purify it and bring it back into the ground without pollution.  For this we need a sum of 80 000 euro. We hope to win you over as a treeholder who not only will help us realizing our farmhouse brewery and distillery – but like the tree you chose – become a long term part of this project. Don´t have the funds to become a treeholder yet but want to get a taste of it? No worries, we have other smaller packages there!

In total we have 167 trees for our future treeholders. For 500 euro you will become a guardian and sponsor of one of the trees in our orchard. You of course get to pick a variety that fits your personality. You receive an invitation to our Founders day organized in the beginning of October (apple harvesting time). 

At the inaugural day you´ll be handed a magnum bottle of the Founders beer, a four year old elderflower wild ale.
On this first treeholders day we host a festival full of music, amazing food and some exclusive breweries at our Lost Horizon Farm.

Besides this you´ll receive the next ten years every year our exclusive treeholders beer (shipped free of charge in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Chech, France, Denmark, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg).

There will be 100 additional tickets available for treeholders day.
This Festival ticket requires a hundred euro donation. A magnum bottle of the first treeholders beer will be part of your ticket.

Also well have some smaller perks online, like a unique sweatshirt or t shirt.

filosoof jenever

Thebüer Str. 7, 27616 Beverstedt, Germany

+49 176 34367697