You that moment in spring just before the Sun comes up wenn the brids start singing very loud? In Dutch we call that “morgenkrieken”. This bier, which is a Kriek, symbolises a new era for us. Untill two years a go @buddelship was situated in Hamburg, in an old industrial side. Now we moved to a farm where by growing our own ingredients we will come even closer to the essence of our beer. From the old brewery we took barrels with beer that now age between 2 and five years. We blend these barrels and age them on fresh fruit. This Kriek was aged on day fresh cherries from altes land. Picked during the day, on beer in the evening. The beer comes from ex weissburgunder and ex Rioja wine barrels.

“Morgenrot – mit Regen droht“, is the german expression that if the morning skye colours red, rain will come. Let’s hope this is the start of beer.

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This Kriek is a blend of 2 and 5-year Belgian Pale Ale aged on Rioja and Weissburgunder barrels.

In July 2022, we added day-fresh sour cherries from the orchards of Altes Land and left the beer on them for 6 months.

Enjoy this complex balance of fruity acidty and notes of almonds, tannins of wood and depth of aged beer.

6,4% ALC. VOL.  
BOTTLED 15.01.23
BEST BY 15.03.28

Morgenkrieken Two and Five year old lambic style from weissburgunder and Rioja vaten.